Valve Management

Epsilon Instrumentation provide a comprehensive valve testing and repair service.  Valve Management, including repair and testing facilities can meet all the requirements of:

  • Process Control Valve and General Valve Repair Services
  • Pressure Relief Valve and Safety Relief Valve repair, testing and setting
  • Relief Valve management and Spares Service
  • Tank Protection Valve Repair and Testing
  • Valve actuator repair Service
  • Displacement Level Transmitter repair and calibration
  • Valve Supply and advice Service

Process Control Valve and General Valve Repair Services.

Epsilon Instrumentation is the only authorised repair, supply and calibration centre for the Neles range of valve products in Victoria and Tasmania. We also have the knowledge and capability to repair any process control valve no matter who the manufacturer may be. Epsilon Instrumentation also has the knowledge and capability to repair all types of control valves whether they are ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, plug valves or digester capping valves. Epsilon Instrumentation is the authorised /accredited Sales Distributor by Neles Australia Flow Control Pty Ltd in Victoria and Tasmania for the Neles range of valve products and services.

Pressure Relief and Safety Valve Repair and Testing.

Epsilon Instrumentation  has the facilities to test and set relief and safety valves in the pressure range of 100 kPa to 700 bar (g). All tests and repairs are carried out to the relevant Australian and International safety standards including API, ANSI and ISO/ IEC. All valves are repaired to the original manufacturer’s specifications and only OEM parts are used in the repairs. The testing and repairs can be carried out at our modern workshop or on site if and when required. All types and makes of valves can be handled including general service valves, pilot operated, or pressure/vacuum tank protection valves.

Pressure Relief Valve Management and Spares Service.

Epsilon Instrumentation offers a unique service to control the service and regularly test the safety valves for a client’s installation to ensure that the valves are within certification at all times. This service also provides the capability to hold and monitor spares for all of the installed valves on a plant and also maintain “hot spare valves” to ensure a ready replacement is available in the case of an emergency.

Tank Protection Valve Repair and Testing.

Epsilon Instrumentation has the facilities to test and set explosion vent valves, emergency vent valves and pressure/vacuum valves used in storage tank protection systems. All valves are live tested to ensure that they comply with the client’s requirements and meet the strict standards set down for such services. All tests are supplied with a calibration certificate and test report.

Valve Actuator Repair Service.

Epsilon Instrumentation provides an actuator repair service for all makes of control valves. The service provides for air fail action reversal, complete overhaul and testing to the manufacturers standards, and restoring the actuators to near new condition. All parts supplied will be OEM approved.

Valve Supply and Process advice on Applications.

Epsilon Instrumentation can provide expert advice on the selection of and the correct application for valves for any desired service. All applications will be assessed using our modern valve sizing programme so that all valves will meet their desired application and perform at their optimum.

For specialised instrument calibration and safety valve and flow control valve testing contact Epsilon Instrumentation or submit an enquiry form.