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Royal Children’s Hospital Sponsership

Epsilon Instrumentation is excited to announce we are sponsoring a Royal Children’s Hospital UooUoo as they mark its 150th anniversary. In recognition of this major milestone, the RCH Foundation, supported by Wild in Art, is bringing colour and creativity to the streets of Melbourne and Geelong with a spectacular public art trail. Commencing in January...

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Manufacturing Of Petroleum Industrial Plant On Sky Twilight Back


Epsilon provides calibration and testing of personal gas detectors. Hire units are available for short and long term periods.

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Upgrading Isolation Valves for Geelong to Newport pipeline.

Dateline: 6th December 2016,  Epsilon Instrumentation Geelong. Epsilon instrumentation is currently engaged in the overhaul and repair of the suction and discharge valves on the refinery P 7’s . The valves are also being retrofitted with an upgraded valve position indicators so that their position can be indicated on the refinery’s control system and lock...

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Safety valve testing and upkeep is crucial

We acknowledge the services performed by Epsilon Instrumentation are a mystery to many and not fully or easily understood in some quarters And while we’re not going to great lengths here to explain our services, it’s important to understand that our work is paramount to safety, and not just in industrial or manufacturing settings. An...

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