Safety valve testing and upkeep is crucial

We acknowledge the services performed by Epsilon Instrumentation are a mystery to many and not fully or easily understood in some quarters

And while we’re not going to great lengths here to explain our services, it’s important to understand that our work is paramount to safety, and not just in industrial or manufacturing settings.

An example of the importance of safety valve testing and upkeep, which in no way involves Epsilon Instrumentation, is the UK Maritime Accident Investigation branch’s report this month into a fire on the P&O cruise ship the Pride of Canterbury. If you follow the news you might recall that the ship caught fire in the English Channel in September 2014, forcing the dramatic evacuation of more than 300 passengers heading for Calais.

Now, what has that got to do with Epsilon Instrumentation and safety valves? Well, nothing and everything. Nothing from the perspective that, as we said, Epsilon had absolutely nothing to do with the incident. But everything from the perspective that the investigation into the fire revealed that a back pressure valve had jammed shut and the flow-on consequences disabled the ship and sparked the blaze. The report stated the back pressure valve was worn and had not been tested, most likely in almost quarter of a century.

At Epsilon, among our numerous services, we test and repair valves, ensuring they function as they should. Testing by a UK equivalent of Epsilon would have prevented the valve failure that disabled the Pride of Canterbury, ruined many people’s holidays and no doubt cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.

The message from this story is that no matter whether you own a cruise liner, a large-scale factory or a small workshop, if your equipment involves valves, then you need to ensure those valves work properly.

And possibly the easiest way to ensure your machinery’s valves are safe, functioning properly and will continue to perform as they should is to engage Epsilon Instrumentation to test, overhaul and, if necessary, repair your valves. Contact Epsilon Instrumentation for pressure testing, hydro testing and leak testing of valves.