Upgrading Isolation Valves for Geelong to Newport pipeline.

Dateline: 6th December 2016,  Epsilon Instrumentation Geelong.

Epsilon instrumentation is currently engaged in the overhaul and repair of the suction and discharge valves on the refinery P 7’s . The valves are also being retrofitted with an upgraded valve position indicators so that their position can be indicated on the refinery’s control system and lock out systems. The valves are on the Geelong to Newport pipeline system that delivers finished products from the refinery, using the WOPL (White Oil Pipeline) and the BOPL (Black Oil Pipeline).

The valve extension stems are also having “tell-tales”fitted to allow the detection of leakage at the valve stems. This has been necessary, as in the past, the extension shafts have filled with stem leakage fluid that has impregnated the old style valve position indicator systems. Causing failures.

The valves are 200mm x 600# RF on the discharge, and 200mm x 150# on the suction. All of the valves are having new seats and packing fitted, and will be pressure tested and Hydro-tested to ensure that the valve shells are intact and that the valves pass the required to meet API598 shut off requirements. The geared hand-wheel operators on the valves are also being disassembled, inspected, greased and tested for full operation. Modifications were required to fit the new position indicator systems, including all stainless steel adaptor brackets. The integrity of the position indicator systems are also being verified during the final acceptance tests.